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What our clients are saying about us

"Had an amazing pregnancy acupuncture and cupping session at Zing! I’m nearly 38 weeks pregnant and it totally eased my hip pains! I came out feeling completely energised and revitalised. The best Ive felt in weeks. Thanks Zing! Couldn’t recommend this more. Give it a try, you’ll feel wonderful!"

Evelyn A

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"Cupping was amazing. It released so much tension from under my shoulder blades. Acupuncture was such a relaxing experience. Pauline is so good at explaining what each needle is helping to do. I gave it a go to help with a stiff neck but it has helped that and so much more."

" Had an amazing Acupuncture and cupping session for general health. Shoulders and neck haven't felt this mobile in years!!! Pauline is great at picking up on small health things when talking to you and incorporating into session. "

Julie C

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"Wow! I recently had treatment here, really thorough pre questions meant that I really had a service tailored to me and my needs. Walked away feeling like a new person."

Rebecca Y

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" Thank you very much for the acupuncture session last Friday! My sore shoulders and back are great! No pain at all. I also had a very good quality sleep that night as you mentioned during the session. I'll definitely come back. " 

 " Amazing person with a very professional and relaxing manner, very much enjoyed my experience, was well worth the price, very happy. Will absolutely be going back regularly. "

Natarsha K

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